On injuries…Part trois

July 23rd and still no running. I went through three sessions of prolotherapy, however, none improved the condition. It was finally time for an ultrasound and it showed what I have been dreading: labral tear AND two hip spurs (one on each hip). That in essence means my running is over for the rest of the year.

An MRI was scheduled and completed this past Wednesday (July 18), so now I’m just waiting on the official results and the plan. However, while running was off the table, I got to ride a speed bike for the first time (any bike for that matter in seven years). It felt great and not as strenuous and painful on the hip. It seems I have found a new cycling coach too! While he’s aware of my situation, he will be helping to get a recovery plan together with my doctors and possibly a sponsor! I’m excited about this new opportunity and it’s really a motivator to take care of myself now and a quick recovery.

I was making the mistake of running every once in a while even though the hip was hurting. I said: “if it hurts not doing anything, might as well give it a reason…” Yeah, I know. I’ve stopped of course and understood that if I keep running, my recovery will probably be longer.

Hopefully this week I’ll get to find out the results and what the next step will be. I was told labral tears are only fixed with surgery, but maybe I’ll get lucky. Who knows.



Key Events for 2018

I have only done one race this year and won. Due to injury, I was DNS at a nearby 30K. I do not know what will happen with the remaining races, but it looks like it will be a long, slow year.

Track: none


  • Square Ledge Trail Runs (January) – 4 mile (1st Overall)
  • Sierra Vista Trail Run (March) – 30K DNS – injured
  • Jackrabbit Trail Run (April) – 8 mile – injured
  • Cactus to Cloud Trail Run (May) – 10 mile – injured
  • Trails & Rails (August) – 8 mile (?)
  • Trail Racing Over Texas (November) – 27K (?)
  • McDowell Mt. Frenzy (December) – 50K (?)


  • El Paso Half Marathon (February) – Pacer

On injuries…Part deux

Here we are in May 2018 and I have not run since this past March (I ran about two miles on my birthday as a gift to myself, but probably shouldn’t have). My hip pain started around July or August of 2017 when I started training for my first 50K. The pain only occurred after I was done running. Around mid-December, it began to bother me all day, even as I tried to sleep. Currently, sitting is hell.

I had seen a chiropractor who diagnosed me with greater trochanteric pain syndrome. In February I followed up with a doctor who only took an X-ray and went along with my trochanter report and was going to give me a cortisone shot. I switched jobs; I did not get the shot since I had no insurance. After I became eligible for insurance in the new job, I decided to see an osteopathic doctor and so far has done wonders and the pain is less in intensity, however, it is still there. My doctor has started to think that there may be something else going on – a possible labral tear at the hip – (that’s the bad news), or some other ligament/muscle problem which they will treat with prolotherapy.

Again, the availability of information on the ‘interwebs’ is amazing, but also not good for me as I begin to look for information and videos on what these procedures look like. The labral tear repair is through surgery – recovery is 4 to 6 months long. F*ck. The prolotherapy is done in one day but also depends on how many sessions you need. The process, however, looks painful. A dextrose solution is injected with a huge needle around the hip in multiple locations – according to the article linked above, 38 locations or punctures. Bruising begins immediately. The upside to that torture is that you can resume normal activities that same day (not exercise – don’t get jumpy), and the pain is said to go away.

I have my appointment for May 25th to get my hip area punctured with dextrose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. As any runner or athlete out there knows, downtime is torture. Running is my stress relief; it’s the thing that brings up my endorphins and I miss the joy of running with my dog Susan (I’m sure she misses running too).

If anyone is going through an injury, check this blog on The Value of Injury. What I took from it is that I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just focus on healing my body. Easier said than done, but I am trying.


On February 11, 2017 I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer with Trail Racing Over Texas at their inaugural Lone Star 100 (a gutsy race in El Paso’s Franklin Mountains). It was great seeing folks at packet pickup tell us the distance they were running (100 miles or 100K). I was in awe. I also got to see Arnulfo Quimare, the Copper Canyons’ ultra champion! I was shy to ask him to take a photo with me though…

I also got to try for the first time Mas Korima‘s “Korimalitas,” which are small and delicious cookies made of pinole and chia. If you live in the Border like I do, and more importantly, know your Mexican culture, you should know what these two items are, but if neither applies not to worry; here’s a brief description: “Pinole” is made from maize and Mas Korima gets their pinole from the Tarahumara (or Raramuri) farmers (if you have read Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run you’ll find information there about these amazing folks). Chia is now more common in the USA than ever before. If you’re vegetarian or vegan you’ll be happy to know that Chia has more Omega-3s than salmon! It’s an amazing little seed 🙂 I make my own gels with Chia.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to trying more of their products since they “speak” to me culturally. I also love that the Mas Korima team is involved with the Raramuri community, in particular I enjoyed reading this from their website:

“As we have shared, we want to ‘do it right’ every way we can. That means we are committed to working with communities, small businesses, individual farmers and supporting indigenous peoples and cultures in every way we can.  It means paying a fair wage PLUS for the ingredients we source.  It also means sharing what we receive as well.  Helping support an environment where the children and the peoples of indigenous communities we work with can have a life of choices and not dictations.  Our sharing is focused on child athletics (international and domestic) and all the benefits that entails.  We also are crazy about causes that take care of our four leg athlete friends.”

As a “protect our planet” enthusiast and animal lover, this is right in line with my beliefs.

Check out Mas Korima at:

Key Events for 2017

2017 will have me participating in more trail runs than ever before and I am very excited about it. Additionally, I will be participating in more track events as compared to last year. Here’s hoping everything goes as well as it can go 🙂


  • USATF Masters Indoor National Championships
    • 3000 m – 1st W35 (PR)
    • Mile – 1st W35 (PR)
    • 800 m – 1st W35, 3rd overall with final 50-60 meter kick 🙂 (PR)
  • Arizona State Championships – no news on this meet 😦
    • 2000 m Steeplechase
    • 1500 m
  • Grand Canyon State Games
    • 2000 m Steeplechase – 1st W35
    • 1500 m
  • USA Masters Games
    • 2000m Steeplechase – 1st W35 (PR)
    • 800 m or 1500 m depending on the schedule – 1st W35
  • USATF Masters Outdoor National Championships – may scratch from this one
    • 2000 m Steeplechase
    • 1500 m
  • North & Central America & Caribbean World Masters Athletics
    • 2000 m Steeplechase
    • 800 m or 1500 m depending on the schedule


  • Square Ledge Trail Runs – 9 mile (1st Overall)
  • Sierra Vista Trail Run – 10K (1st Female Overall)
  • Jackrabbit Trail Run – 8 mile (2nd Female Overall)
  • Cactus to Cloud Trail Run – 10 mile (little sister graduates (PhD) so I’m not running)
  • Trails & Rails – 8 mile
  • Trail Racing Over Texas – 10K  (2nd Female and 3rd Overall)
  • McDowell Mt. Frenzy – 50K (9th Female). It was my first 50K 🙂

Trail/Road Combo:

  • 180 mile Spaceport Relay (6-member team; I’m doing the trail leg) – Team finished 3rd Overall behind two 12-person teams.

On injuries…

While I was training for my 1st marathon back in 2013, I was out for a little 3 miler recovery run. I was running up a not-so-steep hill when suddenly I felt a sharp pain behind my right foot, beneath the calf. I could not run anymore and ended doing the runner’s walk of shame back home.

I immediately starting looking up on-line (don’t we all nowadays?) as to what it could be and what to do. I stumbled upon Dr. Gangemi‘s website, a holistic health doctor. He has tons of articles and videos on running, injuries, and injury prevention. I wrote to him about my problem, gave me advice on it, and ended up healing in time to run my first marathon. Great guy! For more information on his practice or site go here: http://sock-doc.com/start_here/

After a successful recovery, I kept checking his videos and reading other articles and am convinced that the closer we get to “natural running” (sans the mega-cushioned shoes or any type of orthotics) is the best way to go.

Below is a list of interesting links on injury prevention and strengthening. Note: I do not get sponsored or get commissions from any of them. I have tried their methods and they have worked for me; therefore they’re recommendations.

Additionally, find yourself a good massage therapist or chiropractor. They can be leg savers 🙂

Another runner’s blog

Hello Runners and Non-Runners!

I have not written anything in over eight years, mainly because I was just getting by with life; good and bad things and a few bad decisions. A few of the good and bad things/decisions, for example: I’ve had three full-time jobs since grad school (thankfully), divorced, joined a co-ed adult kickball team, drank a lot, joined a gym, quit, then joined a Cross Fit gym, got injured, quit, and then I began training for a marathon.

As many runners out there would testify, training for a marathon meant spending lots of time by myself and that’s where the “soul cleansing” began. I remember that during a long run (I think my second 18 miler) I cried, not because of physical pain, but for things I had done that I felt bad about. I turned my music off and in my beliefs, I asked God for forgiveness and my Mother for guidance from her place in heaven. I can tell you it is hard to run, think, cry, and breath at the same time. I did not cry for 18 miles of course, but it felt like I did. That run was the best one in the emotional sense. I made decisions to turn my life around. I also decided to stick to running.

Much has changed since then: I re-married and have a great, supportive husband, two step-kids, and four dogs! I hope that whoever takes the time to read blogs in these times of abundant technological applications (extinct Vine, Snapchat, Instagram videos, etc.) finds something useful on here. I plan on writing about:

  • Injuries & Injury Prevention
  • Training
  • Runner’s resources
    • Books
    • Sites
    • Apps
    • Blogs
    • Vlogs or YouTube Videos
  • Competition
  • Races
    • Half Marathon
    • Marathon
    • Indoor/Outdoor Track
    • Road Races
    • Trail Races
    • Cross Country
  • Diet
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Volunteering

I’m not sure about the order, but you’ll stuff I have picked up these past six years of running.